Powr Labs™ Chest Heart Rate Monitor Pairing

Before you get to enjoy all the awesomeness of your Powr Labs Chest Heart Rate Monitor, you need to survive one pesky step: pairing your heart rate monitor to the App (bluetooth) or Device (ANT+) of your choice. 

Luckily we've built a comprehensive set of instructions for the known apps and devices that are field tested by us and our customers. 

***PAIRING INSTRUCTIONS***: To pair, chest strap must be worn across chest. Apps we recommend: Endomondo, Elite HRV, iCardo, Heart Graph for all types of exercise; Map My Ride, Wahoo, Garmin, Polar Beat, Zwift for cycling; Map My Run for running. The device will not work with Google Fit and requires an iWatch to connect with Apple Health. Reach out to support@powr-labs.com you ever have compatibility questions!

STEP ONE: First, it's critical that you actually strap on your heart rate monitor across your chest. It helps to add a touch of water to the back rubber part of the strap as well. A heart beat and/or heat is required to 'wake up' the heart rate monitor and initiate a signal. 

STEP TWO: Pair with a compatible App or Device. Generally, the Powr Labs will work with most Apps and Devices that are set-up to accept either Bluetooth or ANT+ pairing with external heart rate devices. 

*NOTE > Apple Health does not pair with third party heart rate monitors without an Apple Watch and Google Fit does not pair without a compatible ANT+ watch. 


**NOTE** You may need to unpair your heart rate monitor from your phone's bluetooth to connect to an App.

  • Map my Ride: Trusted app for cycling activity. 
  • Map my Fitness: Trusted app for general activity/fitness. 
  • Map my Run: Trusted app for running activity.


For a full-list of ANT+ compliant devices, click HERE


  • Peloton: Trusted device for pairing with the Powr Labs heart rate monitor.