Powr Labs™ Chest Heart Rate Monitor Pairing

Before you get to enjoy all the awesomeness of your Powr Labs Chest Heart Rate Monitor, you need to survive one pesky step: pairing your heart rate monitor to the App (bluetooth) or Device (ANT+) of your choice. 

Luckily we've built a comprehensive set of instructions for the known apps and devices that are field tested by us and our customers. 

***PAIRING INSTRUCTIONS***: To pair, chest strap must be worn across chest. Apps we recommend: Endomondo, Elite HRV, iCardo, Heart Graph for all types of exercise; Map My Ride, Wahoo, Garmin, Polar Beat, Zwift for cycling; Map My Run for running. The device will not work with Google Fit and requires an iWatch to connect with Apple Health. Reach out to support@powr-labs.com you ever have compatibility questions!

STEP ONE: First, it's critical that you actually strap on your heart rate monitor across your chest. It helps to add a touch of water to the back rubber part of the strap as well. A heart beat and/or heat is required to 'wake up' the heart rate monitor and initiate a signal. 

STEP TWO: Pair with a compatible App or Device. Generally, the Powr Labs will work with most Apps and Devices that are set-up to accept either Bluetooth or ANT+ pairing with external heart rate devices. 

*NOTE > Strava no longer pairs with external devices (as of Oct 2019), Apple Health does not pair with third party heart rate monitors without an Apple Watch and Google Fit does not pair without a compatible ANT+ watch. 


**NOTE** You may need to unpair your heart rate monitor from your phone's bluetooth to connect to an App.

  • Map my Ride: Trusted app for cycling activity. 
  • Map my Fitness: Trusted app for general activity/fitness. 
  • Map my Run: Trusted app for running activity.


For a full-list of ANT+ compliant devices, click HERE


  • Peloton: Trusted device for pairing with the Powr Labs heart rate monitor.